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Parth Manaktala


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A fresher who is currently employed in TCS Digital. I am a person who is facinated by technologies. A full stack developer who loves to develop. Apart from that I am a foodie. I love eating.
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My Projects



A website for creating a Photographic Memories. Allow users to upload photos and caption about it and keeps them safe.


IT Association

A website for the departmental organisation in SRM.


Pokemon GO SRM

PokemonGo is a online game that is played by millions of people. Using AngularJS, and PHP, created a website through with others can view and share the trainercodes and in game names with each other. Currently limited to SRM only.


Work Experience

Intern - Tata Consultancy Services (January 2019 - March 2019)

Used serveless framework to build an interactive procurement portal.
Technologies used : AWS Lambda, API Gateway, DyanmoDB, AWS LEX and AWS Cognito

Traniee - Nuage Device Management Pvt. Ltd

I learnt basics of IOT and built a project to control LED wirelessly using Raspberry Pi.
Technologies used - OpenHab,Python and IoT

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